Android 11 information leaked 2020

After the Android 11 information website leaked, Google found it unnecessary to keep secret, and in the developer version has already made available a new release of its system for millions of devices. The engineers jumped in to see what he was hiding.

Pixel mobiles are now ready to install the full Android 11 first developer trailer, which is expected to be released this fall, though not much, but a great opportunity for developers to learn about major changes to the platform. The biggest hits are likely to be presented by the Search Company at its May I / O conference, but some things have already been revealed.

One of the first major changes is the access requested by applications. Because the system will throw up three options instead of two, so requests (camera, GPS) can not only be accepted and rejected, but also a one-time permit. It’s not a whole new thing, since the same solution is included in Apple’s software.

Chat is changing, and so is the text communication that Google has been able to achieve with the “bubble” idea (chat heads) already known from Facebook Messenger. In the new Android, you can even send SMS from such a window if you want. Bubbles can be placed on any part of the bubble, just like messenger chat, but of course they are not required to be used.

Android 11 information leaked 2020

Many users will finally be able to include video content on the screen with Android. It has been up to now the manufacturers to decide whether to activate it in the device, but with Android 11 (in principle) it gets all the devices that are compatible with the system. The essence of the function is hardly explained: if it is turned on, it can be used to record a game play or anything, for example.

Main Version 10 system may be required to switch completely

Although it has already been released in the Main Version 10, the 11 is further used by a growing number of software vendors for dark mode. The latter is that the function can then be activated at a specific time. For example, if we get to bed at 11 in the evening, the system may be required to switch completely.

Another practical novelty is that Bluetooth connections are not interrupted even when the user switches on flight mode. Nowadays, the inconvenience of having to reconnect your phone to your watch or headphone is everywhere.

Microsoft has integrated Word, Excel and PowerPoint into a single Smartphone application and made the free app available to anyone. Microsoft began testing the combined Office app in early 2019 and released a public preview in November. The app, which was still in beta, was removed from the Google Play store shortly thereafter, and the testing phase is now over. Whether the Android software, like the iPhone os apps anyone can feel free to download it. Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and More software combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a single Smartphone application, as opposed to previously available stand-alone Office applications.

New Office application

The new Office application lets you browse OneDrive files and edit any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel document without opening any separate tools. It’s easy to edit documents and work on more than one user at a time. A useful feature is that the contents of your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files can be converted to PDF, and you can do the same with a photo. Integrated Office-Lens features automatically create enhanced digital images for whiteboards and documents. There is even a QR code reader in the app in case you need one for any reason.

The Office app is free and can be used immediately after download. You can access and save documents to the cloud by logging in with your Microsoft account used with OneDrive or SharePoint, or by connecting to an external cloud hosting provider. When you sign in with a Microsoft personal, work, or school account connected to an Office 365 subscription, you can also access the premium features of the application.

The app can’t be downloaded for the tablet at this time, and that’s what Android Police turned to Microsoft for. They were also asked if the standalone Office applications would eventually cease to exist after being put together in another app. For the time being, the company did not want to comment on tablet support or the other issue.

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