Different ways to write degrees in Windows

There are many input programs on Windows. And according to the survey, Microsoft Office and browsers are the most used. There are also several ways to write a degree symbol in your text.


When you open an input program, such as Word, text, or other programs, press and hold the Alt key on the keyboard.

Then press 0, 1, 7 and 6 consecutively.

As soon as you release the Alt key, you will discover that it appears in your words.

Remember to hold down the Alt key while pressing numbers. And if the left Alt key is invalid, you can try the right side key.

Enter a degree symbol in Word

In addition to the shortcut keys introduced above, there are even more ways to enter a degree symbol in a Word document.

The special composition of keyboard shortcuts for entering the symbol in Microsoft Word is Ctrl + Shift + @. You have to press Ctrl, Shift and @ on your keyboard at the same time; then press the space bar. .

Another interesting way to type it in your Word document is 00B0. After typing 00B0 in your document, hold down Alt + X keys. Then 00B0 will immediately go to the symbol.

Word provides many symbols, including degree symbol.   Double click on the degree symbol, this will be written in your document.

Enter a degree symbol on Mac OS

Apple has also integrated a number of keyboard shortcuts and other ways to allow users to enter the degree symbol in their text. And the symbol to describe the temperature is different from that of the corner in Mac OS.


If you compare the two degree symbols, you will find that the circle describing the temperature is a little bit larger than the circle with respect to the angle. They usually look the same. But when you write something right, you must use the right one. See for more knowledge https://degreessymbolsign.com/

Emoji & Symbols menu

Mac computer has special characters menu which contains almost all symbols including degree symbol. And when you need to insert it into your email or document, you can use this menu.

Place the cursor in the position to insert it.

Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Control + Command + Space to open Emoji & Symbols window .

Smartphone is already becoming the most important digital device in our daily life and work. Without a keyboard, we have to use our fingers to finish everything on the iPhone. That sometimes seems useful. But when we need to find a special symbol, the virtual keyboard gets a bit complicated. If you are having trouble finding the correct display, follow the steps below.

Open an app that could activate the virtual keyboard on your iOS device, such as Facebook or Twitter.

When the virtual keyboard appears, press the 123 button in the lower left corner to switch to the numeric keyboard.


If you need to insert a degree symbol in your message on your smartphone, you can switch virtual keyboard to find the symbol you want. While you may need some skills to type a degree symbol on iPhone, it is easier than you thought. When it comes to computers, there are several methods of entering it into your document, email or other programs. Shortcuts are popular among the people who use it regularly. If you need to enter it into your file every now and then, you can use the symbol menu. Both Windows and Mac OS offer some sort of symbol menu.


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