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As a rule, installation files of entertainment applications weigh quite a lot, and in order to be able to download quickly and without failures, they are compressed using an archiver. How to install the game from WinRAR? It is quick and easy, you do not need to have special knowledge or experience.

Find out how to properly install the file from WinRAR yourself

How to unzip a game – Before unpacking through WinRAR, you need to make sure that the file is actually in the archive. Such usually have extensions: “name.rar” and “”. For further operations, we need the WinRAR program itself , which is capable of both compressing information and unloading it from ready-made archives. If the necessary software is available on your PC, then downloaded installers will be displayed with an icon in the form of a stack of books or a folder. If the installer looks like a white blank (unidentified), the application will have to be downloaded separately. This can be done on the official website of the developer, there is a free demo there.

winrar game

The downloaded application can be opened in three ways:

  • directly from the browser in the “Downloads” tab;
  • from the section where you save everything downloaded from the Internet;
  • First run Winrar, and then open the downloaded through it.

Unpack the downloaded toy into a new folder

Next, create a folder on a non-system drive (it can be called D, A or G), select all the components and drag them there. Thus, we get the unzipped package.

IMPORTANT. When downloading the archive, carefully read the information on the site. Some compressed folders are password protected, without it access to the installation package will be closed. Typically, the password is indicated next to the download link, it must be entered in the window that appears.

Game installation

How to install entertainment now that we have extracted it from Winrar? First, we check the files for malware  using an antivirus or a special utility (archived viruses are not always recognized).

Find the installation .exe and run it

We open the folder into which the files were dragged, look for Setup.exe or Install.exe among them and run it. Installing game software is also recommended on a non-system drive, because C is stored on Windows. Then you can already rely on the program instructions.

How to unzip a game and install it on a smartphone?

The Play Market is unlikely to offer to save the compressed folder from which it is necessary to extract the contents, but there are times when applications are downloaded from third-party sites, for example, the Play Market gives an error or you need an old version and the like. How to install the application through Winrar in this case?


Make sure the program is installed on your smartphone

Make sure that the repository contains documents with the extension .apk, that is, for an Android-based OS . Separately, the Winrar application must be installed on the smartphone (tablet). We open the archive from Downloads, and then follow the instructions. Most importantly, do not forget to check the packages for viruses: the archive is the most convenient place for masking them.

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