Windows 10 Best windows of all time with shortcuts

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the best combination of all the versions of Windows you already know – with many great enhancements added to get you excited. It is so simple, with so few new things to learn, that you feel like an expert from the start. In addition, it has its own attachments, favorites, and an enhanced Start menu. Everything you already know – only better. And you can find many interesting programs in the Windows Store…

Fantastic applications such as maps, photos, mail and calendar, music, videos, contacts and messaging are all integral to Windows 10. The new Windows 10 offers a unified user experience across all devices. Why? No matter what device you use, it will immediately appear familiar. Windows 10 recognizes each device type and input method you use. The system automatically switches to intended use with the mouse, keyboard, or touch screen to ensure optimal use of the PC or tablet.

Windows 10

Up-to-date protection

Even with security concerns, Windows is setting new benchmarks for virus protection, identity fraud, and malware and device theft. In addition, updates are downloaded as soon as they are available so that your computer is always up-to-date with the latest updates and best features. In rumors we also know leak of windows 11 check here whats new in this

Improved multitasking becomes very simple

Multitasking becomes very simple when you can literally have four things on the screen at once – without ever moving back and forth. This makes things transparent. And well-organized tasks are done faster. All notifications and settings are displayed after the button is pressed, so that everything is ready to use immediately without having to waste time with individual programs. Windows 10 offers the utmost user friendliness for everything you do. Programs can be scheduled to play, and the desktop is tidied up at a glance: keep an overview, have much more at hand, and simply do more. Improved version x windows 12 iso for gamer.

Microsoft Edge

Edge is a brand new browser designed to provide the user with exactly the web they want: which is more transparent, smarter and better with everything the user does on the web. Just imagine how fun it can be to write directly to web pages and share your own comments – or to read the finally transparent web pages. And how practically is to read your favorite websites offline. In addition, the program has offline reading mode and an improved title bar where all things are found faster and new ideas for turning things into action faster.

Useful shortcuts to make Windows 10 easier to use

Keyboard shortcuts are, at the same time, Windows keystrokes of certain key combinations that allow the user to quickly access operating system features, settings and tools, and to switch more gracefully between open programs. When shortcuts go into their blood after the initial guess, many users find that they can do more than just a mouse in a shorter time. New windows 12 adds quite a few new ones to your existing keyboard shortcut . We focused mainly on combinations that include the Windows key (the one with the Microsoft operating system logo).

Virtual desktops and other innovations Windows + Tab key – Opens a Task View that lets you easily select open programs in all virtual desktops. Re-compressing the combination closes Task View.

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  1. Windows + Ctrl + D key – Creates a new virtual desktop.
  2. Windows + Ctrl + F4 key – Closes the virtual desktop.
  3. Windows key + Ctrl + left / right arrow key – Navigate between virtual desktops.
  4. Windows + S key – opens Search.
  5. Windows + C key – Opens Cortana Assistant in listening mode (not available in all regions, understands English).
  6. Windows + A key – opens the Action center, where you can find notifications and quick settings (connections, location, VPN).
  7. Settings Windows + I key – opens Settings (picture below).
  8. Windows + K key – Activates the Connect feature to connect to nearby wireless devices.
  9. Windows + P key – allows you to map an image from the primary screen to other connected screens.
  10. Windows key + space bar – Change the default language (if you can select more than one).
  11. Windows + X key – Opens administrative tools such as Device Manager and Disk Management.
  12. Windows + L – Lock the device. If you have set them up, enter your password or PIN to re-access.

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